domingo, 7 de dezembro de 2008

Battle within

Quitness inspires me
And lives on
It says too much
Just like my lust
For me to fall first

Oh shall we
go through
face and fear
It gives me life
gives strenght to me
Like cruelty
in waves like violence
Takin' over

Lookin' forward findin' words
It's passion
Kept in the chest of secrets
It's key for this slot
in which we trust
It's scred,it's lost

And horizon above us
Red and so weepin' the skies
Just like dusk in her eyes
Goin' beyond its veils
And lightnings reflected on our swords
Flags dancin' with the wind
Just like our cores
This song cries out our hearts

Lie the seas
so is the infinity
in between
It's so sweeter
Cause life or death,doesn't matter
It's always bitter

In our dreams to escape
Not nightmares to awake
Us,children in sleep

It's passion
Kept in our chest of secrets
The key for its slot
Is sacred,is lost

Follow in the wish
Our secrets were broken like crystal
Neither it wounded,to find ourselves
Cherishin' us....

Now,for dread!
Open your Eyes
Once more to bear