sexta-feira, 4 de março de 2011

Under your spell

domingo, 16 de novembro de 2008
Under your spell

Still the louder shout a whisper

And the eyes don't cry

It's just that I wish

I could hold that moment

It's takin' over me completely

So hard to find the words

Then night comes again and again

Like a wish of death

Then you learn my heart is in your hands

For now I bleed

And the look in your eyes

It's like you stare in wonder

And I drown within your lies

Once more you'll deceive me

And I know

So let's just get it over

I miss you

for all we had

can't you all understand

I just can't forget

All the things with you are just like never before

And all I ever wanted was to know

if I'll see you again

and I'm waitin'

soon I'll be broken again

Blinding Stare

domingo, 16 de novembro de 2008
Blindin' stare

Don't look this deep in my eyes

Cuz you will find

out what my words are tryin' to hide

My eyes are dreamless

I can't look at yours

For breathin' without you

For all I can't undo

All leads straight to you

in my head

I miss you

When you don't know I'm there

I can't stop watchin' you

And I feel you in another arms

but mine

I'm losin' again

I get blind

on starin' at you

it makes me love you

It hurts

Don't say things I want to hear

Sonorously takin' over me

It's somethin' that I can't bear

And I'm on the ground

You don't know,for you I'm bound

I forgive you,darlin'

For you won't be here

The truth to face

Don't ever wonder I'm fallin'

Don't look this deep in my eyes

They reveal what my words try to hide

I just can't look at yours

cuz of what I feel

Can't believe

Don't look this deep in my eyes

Cuz I just get blind

Don't want you to see

what I try to hide

These words stuck in my throat

Can't face your stare


Part 1- Lullaby

I swore

I'll love you 'till the end

Heaven in its cruel face

For my tearstains

Dryin' fast

Your heart beats in my head

.. your heart bleeds in my hand

Part 2- Fallen

How blind you are

You'll lose everything!

They betrayed you

You long for the death you deserved

but lonely.

Spit at you, at your tomb

All this time they faked

Blink your eyes,

beloved, to see a cold word

Believe and receive

All returnin' to you

"Destiny puppet, forgotten

a ghost memory,left behind

Fool and undone. "

Part 3- Hell

I see

A phantom mist

Dwell in us our farewell

Light the fire, light the hope

in our souls

They dwell in hell

Part 4-Circus

Pour in me your temptation

Unblessed it seduces

While I stare in wonder

You lock me with chains of hell

Bury his heart

Heart of stone

Buried his heart

When did it turn to stone?

Astray, I hate what I've become

For I choosed you

I can't cry because of what it shows

I don't die for I smile for

I bever knew who you are

Scars caused by your words

Arrows they were

They still bleed and yearn

To posses you, to own you

I trully wished to hate you, you weak

Hear my low lullaby

Have you ever fallen?

Have you ever cried?

Have you ever wanted?

Have you ever lied?

I forgive you, blamin' you

To tame you, to have you

To love you, to kill you

For after forever..

In the end,

I'm a liar

For night was never mine

I don't feel

When storm falls upon you
everyone leaves
Where'd be now,your smilin' friends
When you're locked in
the places hidden in
the cold of your heart
How can we feel
in a moment that complete
and suddenly empty
safe and then afraid
loved and then left
glad and then sad

Rage has a bitter taste
It's somethin' we have in common
That' when you see
among the dyin' crowd
you find yourself alone.

You will never find me weak
I'll be always above you
I'll never cry in front of you
What the fuck you think you doin'
who the fuck you think you are
Why the hell you think it's easy
to take a swing at me ?

I don't feel

Cold it burns

Part 1- Ashes

Still I can't see your star...

Unsere Augen sind so dunkel

With no lights
Sky tonight is out of stars
Darkness blinds us
It's for us too fearful
it lingers inside

Like a rope around my neck
it's for me to fall
Still I find my place among the ashes

Part 2 - Ruins

Can you feel me in you
These ashes are me
Tearstains on your skin
In your heart , poudin' so deep

Leads with no sense..
Lose the last dance ..
A desire within

A paradise burned by rage
show you after grace

Can't believe it's over now
These are the cards of fate
Their laughter has ceased

Some tears never dry
Some wounds never heal
Never to forgive, never to forget
And the nightmare never dies...

So cold it burns..

In sorrow's arms

I have lost the path before me
I create my own darkness
in the heart of the night
And control despair
Creepin' serene
like goin' to sleep

Lyin' cold
on the ground
Why can't this be
what we really wanted ?

Feels like it all
wasn't enough
I keep askin' why
now that I'm gone
Feels like these moments
just awake the real me
And they just seem long hours
to bring my pain
And you will never know
I'll just smile to you

Past is engraved
Dreams are gaunt
Hope is a joke
what am I supposed to say
for you to be broken

Shadows Walzer

Togheter red tears now we shed

Find it hard t understand

All in our hands

squeezin' me tigher

Hangin' over your mind

with my shadows

Tryin' to turn my

thoughts yours

Hauntin' in tryin' to make you wonder

it hurts like hell

you just can't feel as me

Paintin' painful in beautiful

For dread cherishin' us

our heart now is gaunt ,

Like a velvet sorrow

trys to penetrate our chest .

Sensin' this deep is not for all

Therefore left a hope and a candle

before the darkness comes.

For time is an abyss

as profound as it scares 'fore

our eyes with depths

Oh I can not see!

One step more to fatal kiss !

You hear the whisperin' voices

Livin' a thousand nights,

It's like are dancin' and do not turn

the pages of my life.

Just wish to be barely loved

Drownin' in questions with dusk

Gettin' blind with fate

Realized ,our master

It gives us a mirror

where elsewither our desires appear.

So passion us embrace

for whom our souls are hidden

it blooms

We face its raveneyes

Dancin' with the shapes of our madness.

Wisdom is but illusion

Those roses we used to reveal , our mourn

in vain one day will bare our tombs

Of any sort wouldn't do

For us to meet the angels of tragedy

in which the brightest light is

Althought they keep closed the doors.

Creepin' for life's breath

We taste, we masquarade

like a poison runs throught our veins