domingo, 7 de dezembro de 2008

Battle within

Quitness inspires me
And lives on
It says too much
Just like my lust
For me to fall first

Oh shall we
go through
face and fear
It gives me life
gives strenght to me
Like cruelty
in waves like violence
Takin' over

Lookin' forward findin' words
It's passion
Kept in the chest of secrets
It's key for this slot
in which we trust
It's scred,it's lost

And horizon above us
Red and so weepin' the skies
Just like dusk in her eyes
Goin' beyond its veils
And lightnings reflected on our swords
Flags dancin' with the wind
Just like our cores
This song cries out our hearts

Lie the seas
so is the infinity
in between
It's so sweeter
Cause life or death,doesn't matter
It's always bitter

In our dreams to escape
Not nightmares to awake
Us,children in sleep

It's passion
Kept in our chest of secrets
The key for its slot
Is sacred,is lost

Follow in the wish
Our secrets were broken like crystal
Neither it wounded,to find ourselves
Cherishin' us....

Now,for dread!
Open your Eyes
Once more to bear

sábado, 22 de novembro de 2008


Guilty,into raveneyes,rage
Always when night comes to cover us
The wounds in our souls cry in cruel breathes
And their tears come to drown my darkned heart

I deliver my mind to the light
And my cold spirit tamed by loneliness

The hope was few,the roses sorrounded us
Now the foolish dreams were left behind
And they survive into night memories

And now my curse and I
Sail on torment waters
And the fallen angels
keep us from the doors to open

Masquerade and lost
enshrined under moonlight
And the death wishes,and smell of blood
are still in us
and we remain
waitin' for the life

And the demons of the lies
once revealed,frightned with raped words
It's just one more night to bear

Under your wings of sadness
I see descendin' the snow
on the tomb of your joy
This grey and silent grave.

Darkned thoughts

...that's why I thought I'd reach the bottom so deep
I was drownin'...

Once I wished for this night
Brought the hope for me
Beyond,in your heart
I can see the sweet wanderer
And for you I fall

To find what's missin' into me
where I was so numb
Through my eyes
See I'm so frozen

I reveal my heart
by the whispers of winterwinds
by the shout of the storms
My desire is the snow who freezes
And your mind turns so cold

Once we died

Fallin' for you
As you lead me

Lookin' through the window open wide
Tryin' to find
The moolight you hate
And if
your heart
Is a dark and slot-shaped box
So lost is the key

The blade of words

Silence feeds my pain

Hate eats from my flesh

All my friends are gone

Then I die again and again

Free me

I drink from your blood

And I'll give you my face

You offer me hate

I offer you freedom

For me to be free

I must feel your rage,and I don't fear

It's time for liberty

to feast on your carcass

Hate me

For your love beats me to the ground

You swing at me I'm bound

The scars will never let me forget

Still the words I hold

not to kill you as you've killed me

You can't see

things are not the same

Past is engraved

We can't go back in time

All we own is the death of today

For my pain...and for the heart I once had

It's time for an end
It's time not to dream anymore
With these words
I finish with my thoughts
I still live,I still feel
But it's time to face
My will is in vain
and my time won't come
It's like a death to my poems
The failure that always sorrounds.
But with delight
Sometimes I see
Feels like they're all just stupid things.
It's never enough
But does it worth
And do they laugh
And do they feel
And do they understand
Can I make you cry
It's been for a long time
And I don't know

For my pain..
to make it end.

sexta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2008


Your poison,my paradise
I taste with delight
My favorite worst nightmare
The worst taste of sweet

A place between sleep and awake
when I see myself
Reflected in those empty eyes

Feast on it all

Seein' monsters,watch your back
Persuade me
I'll never be there for you

Still mystery
Sorrounds me
For your eyes are windows
to drown me in you

Know,I'd give up everythin'
to find you screamin'
See,I love to see you suffer
Still feed me fro your fleh
Still feed me from your flesh

In the deep of the night

If once you've seen the darkness
You'll carry them with you every since
When 3 o'clock you're afraid
it keeps you awake

Face the shadow
that frightens
And don't give your back
for they long to posses you

You fool,you prayin'
The game has just began

"I am the storm
I am the star,I fell first
I am the dark
I am the fear
I am the shadow
in the night
I'm in your mind
I take your soul,blood and flesh "

Now you know
That you're alone,you're the only one
Lost,left here
delivered to the Devil
Shall your will be done
Waitin',maybe in vain
for Heaven to shine its light
to make you real

"Devil,reveal yourself
Tell me your name ".

domingo, 16 de novembro de 2008

Stun you

Full of rage
Your heart is just sorrow
Searchin' for somethin'
All this time waitin'
for the woe's just startin'

My lonely soul
to be yours...

Within,confoundin' me
Judgin' me
Invadin' my mind
Save my life
Hold me awake
lack nothin' left

Can't remember my latest laugh

Feel your lips...little by little comin' undone

Memoried your eyes
that leave their mark
on my compassionate heart
Oh what if I could turn back in time
And leave you behind

Leave me be,leave me alone
in the dark
which I find precious
for light blinds me
it scents me

I'm not a slave of source
Bow down your spear

Slit me,deeply
Stop from me,stun me
Sufferin',tarry in me

Can't remember my latest laugh
My words come undone
Oh what if I
could turn back in time

Keep satisfied,lost inside

For passion I hate

My heart lies to you
Sacrificied the one I once had
For your heart
Will never be mine
The one I loved
The one I hated

Get away
You shall never see my face again
For I bleed
I can't breathe
I don't sleep
Then I die

Feel astray
Lost in my own dream
Becomin' a nightmare

For passion leads me to ruins
Path to hell grows into me
For passion I hate
The hell I taste in its true face

Get away
You shall never see my face again
For passion I hate
The hell I taste in its true faces
The hell I taste in its true faces


And I like the darkness
Well I do
And I don't deny
Not this time
And I send you a smile

And watch around you
It's right before the eyes
Everybody is your enemy
And see how it can feel so right

And I'm not sorry
Don't go think I'm lonely
For my sorrow is my strenght
And how I love that
Don't try to save me
That's just me
It's just ironic
Suddenly pain feels good

Always when I search myself
it's someone else I find
And it's so weird
Sometimes I can't even
keep holdin' my smilin' mask

Before all my fears turn into rage
And all my tears lead me astray
Maybe I'll try to say
how I can drive you mad
See your hands are shakin' now

Know how it feels
to be played a fool?
Know how it's like
to be all in silence?

Sorry but now you see
how you have been deceived
all along
by yourself
and you live your own mourn