sábado, 28 de novembro de 2009

Love & Death

Shall I trail my path to hell
as shadows fall with a dyin' veil of sunset
where burnin' the sunbeans rest.

And in the dark
It's you that I wish

I can't remember how it could come to this

With these wors
the flames lick my achin' wounds

In pain and thrill
I'd like to hurt
to hear you say my name
Haven't even thought of me
not enough to make a memory

Nothing compares to love
as I loved you
but my love is now engraved

And to give you my love
and to give you my heart
It is now to receive
a lifetime loneliness

And I ,with my damned soul
in passion and greed
with my lullaby of grief
I could barely see
my dear in heaven would finally rest

Took my heart
took all that was mine
And though I am way dead to the world
Still there's a hole
in my chest

How could I ever feel again
How could I barely touch
her skin like snow
How could I barely reach
her lips
and give her a kiss of death
on her mouth so wet
and feel the taste of her breath
How could I ever read her semblance again

How could I barely conscious
find my understandin'
I'm caught by my senses at all

Still it's warm in my bed
She's lyin' cold
in love & death

Though now belongs to the past
her beauty ardent

Findin' her grace
I hate
I shiver
in my sweetest nightmare

To miss my beloved in madness
made me this foolish poet.

domingo, 25 de outubro de 2009

Dreary Dark

Dreary,dreary dark
Dusk veil brings the night
things they did to you

For sorrow I wrote
my silence
things you'll never hear

and once again
the moon could not appear

The flickering light
from my very last candle
has died
and the last leaf has fallen

How many tears have you ever dried
Have you ever thought you may have hurt
How many times am I to say
things to take you to the bottom

For I trully hate you
Oh I love to hate you
I breathe you
Your heart is just a great lie

you know my heart bleeds in your hands
and you are the lie

mesmerized by dreary enchant

Dreary,dreary dark
Dusk veil covers
takin' our lives

The flickering light
from my very last candle
slowly died
with the last words of goodbye

Mourn for all
you couldn't do,for all you hate
in drownin' waves into you
to make you lose your mind
so profound the abyss we go through
Oh we can not see
for our shadows hang over

Your heart is the great lie
your heart i just the great lie
and so I'll forget your name
And I breathe you
and you I bleed..

Lost my love ,my passion
lost my senses
lost my heart
Oh hell
in this dreary dark

domingo, 11 de outubro de 2009

The Ferryman

Carcass lies on the ground

Then smile, all you long for

Pay the tribute to life,pain

and finally

Pay the tribute to death ,

a penny for the ferryman.

quarta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2009


in vanity
enchant that cursed
ancient beauty,forever damned
the sins that don't mark your face
your soul covered with a curtain
revelead to scary eyes

Like a painting of woe
A face, with no heart

Velvet remorse cherishes
Your haunted conciousness
with a cruel sorrow
live forever young
the crows will never feast on your carcass

can't be touched
you're nothing but a reflection
not real
on your flesh no incision
what have you become
invinsible in the mirror.

domingo, 21 de junho de 2009


Stars of damn sky cover us

And my mind laughs at me
The alarm clock it seems voices calling my name
And let me stay here , where I long to be
And the whispers just disappear
at my ear

The nightmare is my own world
to escape from silent nights
Walkin' throught the dark
Sleepin' in the lights
to find the life

Have just touched my hand
Have forgotten all we had
Gone with a breath on my neck
Now it's just rain clouds
of yesterday
Now I know I wasn't sleeping
and you won't believe
Know,long I can't stay
Don't turn out the lights again

Stars of damn sky cover us

Nightmare is my own world
to escape from silent nights
Walkin' throught the dark
Sleepin' in the lights
to find the life

And don't turn out the light

domingo, 7 de junho de 2009


Cruel , the hand of fate

Throws the dices again

Games played with you

They roll , the truth

Damned your doom

Touch of fate

Revealed its cards

Crawl to the end of times

Shall you be a marionette

Do your time

Drown deep

In a eternal sleep

Covered with dark blood

I breathe your fear

You lost , you lay cold

And you fall free

into the deep abyss

A seducin' temptation

A bridge to ruins

A darkness that descends

For now

to receive

Eternity's kiss.

sexta-feira, 29 de maio de 2009


I'm sick of pain
You feed my anger again
I'm thirsty of revenge
Hatred oh that's so lame

And always it's me to blame
why can't you feel the same
I know it all and I hear your laughter
on my back again

I could be a fake, I could be lame
I'd be just like you
I could be used , could be deceived
but I only can't find myself

Can't you see I'm right before your eyes
You're just blind
to me
Feel me
I'm right here
I'll soon make you go on your knees

Don't see throught me
Drive me mad so fast
Let me feel you breathe close
and give me the bitter kiss
oh I know
you don't love me

Drownin' in loneliness
feels like it's never enough
and wish I didn't feel for you anymore
These are for me
the bitter things to face

sábado, 16 de maio de 2009

Pour the wine in our glasses

And sticks in my throat
And it bleeds from my hate
And I pour in your glass
And there's fate in my hands
And I lick from your mouth
And I enjoy its taste
And you drink from my love
And our hearts won't beat again.

sábado, 25 de abril de 2009


Part -1

Beat on my face again

Spit at me

Tears are unnecessary now

I don't care

Wastin' my time

Time passes by

The clock ticks

and I enjoy it

Crashin', your words are so meaningless

So now you want to break the silence

You know I'm not about

I'll never look into your eyes again

Don't ever try to talk to me

All that things

aren't that forgettable

I'm not wrong

You ought to know

I won't be broken

Anger leads me

You'll feel me cold

Unimportant mercy

You can't read my mind


The days burned

and you pay for the unforgiveness

And on my own

I still drown

into the nothingness

I don't allow myself to make a noise

And oh you love to try to hurt me

that's your favorite game

Once again

I retain my own pain

And you can see it's not real

when I try to speak

And I can't remember

lost good memories

All I see is what you did to me

And it doesn't matter

if now I'm bound

It doesn't matter

how you feel

For life

Now nothing else matters

But holdin' back the hate for you


And holdin' hands mean betrayal

and nothing remains

The eyes reveal a self indulgence

to buy your will

Then it gets dark

just like were blinded

And you won't be sorry

Goin' back in time

is like goin' back to hell

When you're around

I don't feel togheter

And home is a lie

I don't mind

if you don't mind

I won't cry

if you won't cry

And in your circle of regrets

I'm not there for you .

quarta-feira, 22 de abril de 2009

Our souls burn

Feel a monster behind you

Takin' your smile and makin' it his

Dead-eyed caught in his web

Still fresh the wounds

from the blade of his wicked words

On your face they spit

"Hurt me, I love to suffer

I'm never gone. "

And suddenly open eyes

Enlightnin', hypnotized

On the razor bed , of stars

as demons howl around

they take over you

like a bloodly dark tide

Reachin' you , catchin' you

Moonlit, swore to be

"If that' s a sin

Then I'll be a sinner "

With eternity in the eyes

to die alone, die allein.

Now see burnin' eyes

Their light lead us blind

Their look may kill

they envolve us but we can't touch

And they'd hurt you again and again

Just to find you screamin'

Hear your shouts with delight

Like a sweet lullaby

Sold our souls

Just to hide our thrill

Our souls burn

Nothin' but ashes were left.

quarta-feira, 8 de abril de 2009

Dead beloved

Change me
Burn my soul
You rotten , I laugh at you
You fall before my face

You whore
now see
The blade fallin' upon you
You're bound
in the dark chambers
with all that you fear
Until your judgement

All you can say
Of your sweet beloved
of her pale corpse
alive in your head
"You made me what I am ".

domingo, 15 de março de 2009

Withered Rose

Sittin' on the silent grave

Sky is grave, so is the fate

Wish a memory

that could bring an angel smile

Needless to say

There's no light for eternity

To hear to the harps is something like to die

Diggin' up things we don't bear remindin'

Our dreams are dead

for the fear of fadin'

Once more too selfish , too proud

to see the world

So buried is the joy

and hapiness

And the heart is withered.

The flame of past will forever burn

The path not to return

My friend, our souls are worthless

Now we drown into the nothingness.

Tell me is this doom

and the whys of existence

Wish a meanin' to our life

While they live throught us, we lie

And suddenly time has gone away

Ignorance lead us forward

Thought it's our pride.

That's our favorite view of pain

No one will learn , God , I retain

It's a shame to reveal again

these bitter words to taste

Worth thousand times what I am

Like a tear never laid from my eyes ..

Hear me sweetly

like a whisper rolls.. turnin' you frozen

In mystery

Thoughts are runnin' throught my veins

Once we wanted

our minds to be the Devil's lair

Not Hell receives us

Nor Heaven in death

Lost ways are just for us

to follow in between

They are kept

in the palm of our hands.

quarta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2009

Traduçao - In sorrow's arms

Eu perdi o caminho que outrora se abriam à minha frente
Eu crio minhas próprias trevas
No coração da noite
E controlo o desespero
rastejando serenamente
Como se estivesse indo apenas dormir

Jaz fria no chão
Por que isso não pode ser o que nos tanto queríamos?

Parece-me que tudo foi em vão
Eu ainda não posso não perguntar-me porque
Agora q me fui
Esses momentos parecem despertar minha real essência
Momentos que sao longas horas para trazer a tona minha dor
E isso você nunca há de saber; simplesmente sorrirei para você.

O passado enfim está enterrado.
Os sonhos são esqueléticos
A esperança,uma brincadeira de mau gosto;
O que devo eu dizer pra instilar em você a dor ?

quinta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2009

Killin' me

All that remains is yearnin'
Goin' down in anguish
No, I'm not dead
Not this time
for now again shines on me your light
And where are you
And feel love hurtin' me again
for it's your voice when I speak
And I taste your semblance
that sorrounds in my head

And these lines are
all for you
but for you never to read
It's when you find it's all illusion
in the end it's never you and me

A part that goes from me
in melancholy
I apologize, I wait
and I'm speechless
that drives me
Like an old known woe

A whristle broke my silence

I walk alone
I talk to my thoughts
Through the days
and these songs
tell me what I want to hear
they say it for me

It's gettin' cold again
Oh, inface of despair!
I love you

sexta-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2009

Shadows Trick

Shadows hang

The shadow's dance

Shadows trick

And darkness they fear..

These are night desire shapes

Blackned flowers

Bright eyes,secret eyes

Rapin' my soul , erasin' my life

This rottin' beauty

Settin' my wings on fire

Then senses fail

for this poison creeps throught me

so hard this wish for the farewell

For now my home is hell

Hear their echoes .. cursin' me ...

For I'm double-faced !

The shapes of dark they fear

For now I belong to hell

Dwell in the shadows, our lair

Oh shadows trick us..

they hang over us

They dance, they trick...

sexta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2009

Suddenly I know I'm not sleepin'