domingo, 15 de março de 2009

Withered Rose

Sittin' on the silent grave

Sky is grave, so is the fate

Wish a memory

that could bring an angel smile

Needless to say

There's no light for eternity

To hear to the harps is something like to die

Diggin' up things we don't bear remindin'

Our dreams are dead

for the fear of fadin'

Once more too selfish , too proud

to see the world

So buried is the joy

and hapiness

And the heart is withered.

The flame of past will forever burn

The path not to return

My friend, our souls are worthless

Now we drown into the nothingness.

Tell me is this doom

and the whys of existence

Wish a meanin' to our life

While they live throught us, we lie

And suddenly time has gone away

Ignorance lead us forward

Thought it's our pride.

That's our favorite view of pain

No one will learn , God , I retain

It's a shame to reveal again

these bitter words to taste

Worth thousand times what I am

Like a tear never laid from my eyes ..

Hear me sweetly

like a whisper rolls.. turnin' you frozen

In mystery

Thoughts are runnin' throught my veins

Once we wanted

our minds to be the Devil's lair

Not Hell receives us

Nor Heaven in death

Lost ways are just for us

to follow in between

They are kept

in the palm of our hands.