sábado, 25 de abril de 2009


Part -1

Beat on my face again

Spit at me

Tears are unnecessary now

I don't care

Wastin' my time

Time passes by

The clock ticks

and I enjoy it

Crashin', your words are so meaningless

So now you want to break the silence

You know I'm not about

I'll never look into your eyes again

Don't ever try to talk to me

All that things

aren't that forgettable

I'm not wrong

You ought to know

I won't be broken

Anger leads me

You'll feel me cold

Unimportant mercy

You can't read my mind


The days burned

and you pay for the unforgiveness

And on my own

I still drown

into the nothingness

I don't allow myself to make a noise

And oh you love to try to hurt me

that's your favorite game

Once again

I retain my own pain

And you can see it's not real

when I try to speak

And I can't remember

lost good memories

All I see is what you did to me

And it doesn't matter

if now I'm bound

It doesn't matter

how you feel

For life

Now nothing else matters

But holdin' back the hate for you


And holdin' hands mean betrayal

and nothing remains

The eyes reveal a self indulgence

to buy your will

Then it gets dark

just like were blinded

And you won't be sorry

Goin' back in time

is like goin' back to hell

When you're around

I don't feel togheter

And home is a lie

I don't mind

if you don't mind

I won't cry

if you won't cry

And in your circle of regrets

I'm not there for you .

quarta-feira, 22 de abril de 2009

Our souls burn

Feel a monster behind you

Takin' your smile and makin' it his

Dead-eyed caught in his web

Still fresh the wounds

from the blade of his wicked words

On your face they spit

"Hurt me, I love to suffer

I'm never gone. "

And suddenly open eyes

Enlightnin', hypnotized

On the razor bed , of stars

as demons howl around

they take over you

like a bloodly dark tide

Reachin' you , catchin' you

Moonlit, swore to be

"If that' s a sin

Then I'll be a sinner "

With eternity in the eyes

to die alone, die allein.

Now see burnin' eyes

Their light lead us blind

Their look may kill

they envolve us but we can't touch

And they'd hurt you again and again

Just to find you screamin'

Hear your shouts with delight

Like a sweet lullaby

Sold our souls

Just to hide our thrill

Our souls burn

Nothin' but ashes were left.

quarta-feira, 8 de abril de 2009

Dead beloved

Change me
Burn my soul
You rotten , I laugh at you
You fall before my face

You whore
now see
The blade fallin' upon you
You're bound
in the dark chambers
with all that you fear
Until your judgement

All you can say
Of your sweet beloved
of her pale corpse
alive in your head
"You made me what I am ".