domingo, 25 de outubro de 2009

Dreary Dark

Dreary,dreary dark
Dusk veil brings the night
things they did to you

For sorrow I wrote
my silence
things you'll never hear

and once again
the moon could not appear

The flickering light
from my very last candle
has died
and the last leaf has fallen

How many tears have you ever dried
Have you ever thought you may have hurt
How many times am I to say
things to take you to the bottom

For I trully hate you
Oh I love to hate you
I breathe you
Your heart is just a great lie

you know my heart bleeds in your hands
and you are the lie

mesmerized by dreary enchant

Dreary,dreary dark
Dusk veil covers
takin' our lives

The flickering light
from my very last candle
slowly died
with the last words of goodbye

Mourn for all
you couldn't do,for all you hate
in drownin' waves into you
to make you lose your mind
so profound the abyss we go through
Oh we can not see
for our shadows hang over

Your heart is the great lie
your heart i just the great lie
and so I'll forget your name
And I breathe you
and you I bleed..

Lost my love ,my passion
lost my senses
lost my heart
Oh hell
in this dreary dark

domingo, 11 de outubro de 2009

The Ferryman

Carcass lies on the ground

Then smile, all you long for

Pay the tribute to life,pain

and finally

Pay the tribute to death ,

a penny for the ferryman.