sexta-feira, 29 de maio de 2009


I'm sick of pain
You feed my anger again
I'm thirsty of revenge
Hatred oh that's so lame

And always it's me to blame
why can't you feel the same
I know it all and I hear your laughter
on my back again

I could be a fake, I could be lame
I'd be just like you
I could be used , could be deceived
but I only can't find myself

Can't you see I'm right before your eyes
You're just blind
to me
Feel me
I'm right here
I'll soon make you go on your knees

Don't see throught me
Drive me mad so fast
Let me feel you breathe close
and give me the bitter kiss
oh I know
you don't love me

Drownin' in loneliness
feels like it's never enough
and wish I didn't feel for you anymore
These are for me
the bitter things to face

sábado, 16 de maio de 2009

Pour the wine in our glasses

And sticks in my throat
And it bleeds from my hate
And I pour in your glass
And there's fate in my hands
And I lick from your mouth
And I enjoy its taste
And you drink from my love
And our hearts won't beat again.