sábado, 28 de novembro de 2009

Love & Death

Shall I trail my path to hell
as shadows fall with a dyin' veil of sunset
where burnin' the sunbeans rest.

And in the dark
It's you that I wish

I can't remember how it could come to this

With these wors
the flames lick my achin' wounds

In pain and thrill
I'd like to hurt
to hear you say my name
Haven't even thought of me
not enough to make a memory

Nothing compares to love
as I loved you
but my love is now engraved

And to give you my love
and to give you my heart
It is now to receive
a lifetime loneliness

And I ,with my damned soul
in passion and greed
with my lullaby of grief
I could barely see
my dear in heaven would finally rest

Took my heart
took all that was mine
And though I am way dead to the world
Still there's a hole
in my chest

How could I ever feel again
How could I barely touch
her skin like snow
How could I barely reach
her lips
and give her a kiss of death
on her mouth so wet
and feel the taste of her breath
How could I ever read her semblance again

How could I barely conscious
find my understandin'
I'm caught by my senses at all

Still it's warm in my bed
She's lyin' cold
in love & death

Though now belongs to the past
her beauty ardent

Findin' her grace
I hate
I shiver
in my sweetest nightmare

To miss my beloved in madness
made me this foolish poet.