quarta-feira, 2 de março de 2011

Dread cherishes us

Serpents licked my skin


Kissing me


I'm out of time

I'm not breathing

My words , I get speechless

And I see nothing

I feel a fervent whisper near my neck

I see rouge lips, scary my eyes

And I run my fingers around

Everlastin', the pervertion kept on my tongue

Weak, weak

Your carcass is perfect for my rage

Bound in dark chambers of your mind

Reminded the seducing mouth

persuades you so bad

you get mad

long lost

evil beloved

Face your mind and your fears

Your eyes let us see

what lives inside

I can taste the venom coming from your throat

though the prey is you

you're your own enemy

You found out you're losing the game

Leaving sanity so away from me

Like I've been buried

Like I've been drowned

in bloodly waves

Your eyes have died to hold back the tears

and the scars will never heal

you know you cant tell that wild runs

You play with your thoughts

and in your dreams you fall

in hidden temptations

The thing that takes over you again

holdin' back what you know you can't tame

This is the blue lament

that strangled

only echoes were left

The burning veil of dusk punishes us

with the thunder voice entreating us

And as my mind talks to me

I know it is the devil's lair

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