sexta-feira, 4 de março de 2011


Part 1- Lullaby

I swore

I'll love you 'till the end

Heaven in its cruel face

For my tearstains

Dryin' fast

Your heart beats in my head

.. your heart bleeds in my hand

Part 2- Fallen

How blind you are

You'll lose everything!

They betrayed you

You long for the death you deserved

but lonely.

Spit at you, at your tomb

All this time they faked

Blink your eyes,

beloved, to see a cold word

Believe and receive

All returnin' to you

"Destiny puppet, forgotten

a ghost memory,left behind

Fool and undone. "

Part 3- Hell

I see

A phantom mist

Dwell in us our farewell

Light the fire, light the hope

in our souls

They dwell in hell

Part 4-Circus

Pour in me your temptation

Unblessed it seduces

While I stare in wonder

You lock me with chains of hell

Bury his heart

Heart of stone

Buried his heart

When did it turn to stone?

Astray, I hate what I've become

For I choosed you

I can't cry because of what it shows

I don't die for I smile for

I bever knew who you are

Scars caused by your words

Arrows they were

They still bleed and yearn

To posses you, to own you

I trully wished to hate you, you weak

Hear my low lullaby

Have you ever fallen?

Have you ever cried?

Have you ever wanted?

Have you ever lied?

I forgive you, blamin' you

To tame you, to have you

To love you, to kill you

For after forever..

In the end,

I'm a liar

For night was never mine

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