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Blinding Stare

domingo, 16 de novembro de 2008
Blindin' stare

Don't look this deep in my eyes

Cuz you will find

out what my words are tryin' to hide

My eyes are dreamless

I can't look at yours

For breathin' without you

For all I can't undo

All leads straight to you

in my head

I miss you

When you don't know I'm there

I can't stop watchin' you

And I feel you in another arms

but mine

I'm losin' again

I get blind

on starin' at you

it makes me love you

It hurts

Don't say things I want to hear

Sonorously takin' over me

It's somethin' that I can't bear

And I'm on the ground

You don't know,for you I'm bound

I forgive you,darlin'

For you won't be here

The truth to face

Don't ever wonder I'm fallin'

Don't look this deep in my eyes

They reveal what my words try to hide

I just can't look at yours

cuz of what I feel

Can't believe

Don't look this deep in my eyes

Cuz I just get blind

Don't want you to see

what I try to hide

These words stuck in my throat

Can't face your stare

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