sexta-feira, 4 de março de 2011

Cold it burns

Part 1- Ashes

Still I can't see your star...

Unsere Augen sind so dunkel

With no lights
Sky tonight is out of stars
Darkness blinds us
It's for us too fearful
it lingers inside

Like a rope around my neck
it's for me to fall
Still I find my place among the ashes

Part 2 - Ruins

Can you feel me in you
These ashes are me
Tearstains on your skin
In your heart , poudin' so deep

Leads with no sense..
Lose the last dance ..
A desire within

A paradise burned by rage
show you after grace

Can't believe it's over now
These are the cards of fate
Their laughter has ceased

Some tears never dry
Some wounds never heal
Never to forgive, never to forget
And the nightmare never dies...

So cold it burns..

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