sexta-feira, 4 de março de 2011

Shadows Walzer

Togheter red tears now we shed

Find it hard t understand

All in our hands

squeezin' me tigher

Hangin' over your mind

with my shadows

Tryin' to turn my

thoughts yours

Hauntin' in tryin' to make you wonder

it hurts like hell

you just can't feel as me

Paintin' painful in beautiful

For dread cherishin' us

our heart now is gaunt ,

Like a velvet sorrow

trys to penetrate our chest .

Sensin' this deep is not for all

Therefore left a hope and a candle

before the darkness comes.

For time is an abyss

as profound as it scares 'fore

our eyes with depths

Oh I can not see!

One step more to fatal kiss !

You hear the whisperin' voices

Livin' a thousand nights,

It's like are dancin' and do not turn

the pages of my life.

Just wish to be barely loved

Drownin' in questions with dusk

Gettin' blind with fate

Realized ,our master

It gives us a mirror

where elsewither our desires appear.

So passion us embrace

for whom our souls are hidden

it blooms

We face its raveneyes

Dancin' with the shapes of our madness.

Wisdom is but illusion

Those roses we used to reveal , our mourn

in vain one day will bare our tombs

Of any sort wouldn't do

For us to meet the angels of tragedy

in which the brightest light is

Althought they keep closed the doors.

Creepin' for life's breath

We taste, we masquarade

like a poison runs throught our veins

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