sexta-feira, 4 de março de 2011


Give me somethin' to believe
Always tryin' to think
about things we go throught
Forget about the truth

Althought my smile doesn't deceive
All of you see throught me
Like a stare covered by the veils of a dream
Not to face such real things

All I wanted was
What I wished for right here in my arms
And words are worthless
this time wicked
And once again you made
all within me dead

This burnin' flame of life
It's endeavor to me coutin' my time
Now it's killin' me that
its beauty lightnens my mind
Drag me to beloved night

Oh I've been black
But tears are shame
Not to show we are weak
it's only for us to blame
And keepin' our thoughts in silence
It starts to suffocate
Still we try to think it's not so bad
Then lo, is that you Satan ?

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